Links from Geoff’s Exhort

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A link to Geoff’s exhort is here.. you can watch it back now.

1. The Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation’s podcast episode with Larry Goodridge, a black Canadian brother, sharing his perspective on racism. I found it insightful and instructive, thinking how important it is to listen to and accept the testimony of those who experience the issues first hand, and how we often misunderstand the concepts of racism and privilege, especially if tend to react defensively to those terms. His advice, in a nutshell is: listen, learn & act.

2. A podcast I listened to a few years ago, interviewing one of my favourite Biblical scholars J. Richard Middleton, after the release of his book “A New Heaven and a New Earth”. The episode is packed with incredible insights that have influenced my thoughts on God’s purpose in creation. He discusses the “image of God” in the sense I used it in the talk, and also at the end mentions “The Prophetic Imagination” when asked in their “speed round” to name the most important book in Biblical Studies to be published in the past 50 years. His book A New Heaven and a New Earth is also worth reading.

3. The book I mentioned – The Prophetic Imagination, by Walter Brueggemann

Summary from the publisher:

In this 40th anniversary edition of the classic text from one of the most influential biblical scholars of our time, Walter Brueggemann, offers a theological and ethical reading of the Hebrew Bible. He finds there a vision for the community of God whose words and practices of lament, protest and complain give rise to an alternative social order that opposes the totalism of the day. Brueggemann traces the lines from the radical vision of Moses to the solidification of royal power in Solomon to the prophetic critique of that power with a new vision of freedom in the prophets. Linking Exodus to Kings to Jeremiah to Jesus, he argues that the prophetic vision not only embraces the pain of the people, but creates an energy and amazement based on the new thing that God is doing.

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4. John Launchbury’s powerful and emotional exhort from last weekend, Isaiah and Social Justice, which has been widely shared online this week.