COVID19 – Yokine Suspends Events at the Hall

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Dear Bro and Sis

The arranging committee has decided that for the time being we suspend memorial meetings and Sunday school at the hall.

This means there will be no meeting at Yokine from this Sunday.

Although we generally would fall under the current 100 persons allowed at indoor gatherings it would be difficult for us to adhere to the 1.5 metre guideline between each person.

It was therefore decided that the most responsible course of action would be to cease normal meetings at the hall until things improve and recommendations change.

I have attached a document that gives details of ecclesias that have their memorial meetings available online.  

This is an option that could be used until we get our own memorial available online.

We are also in the process of establishing a support network of bro and sis who will be available to provide help for those who need it (eg shopping for those who feel more comfortable in remaining at home). More information to follow.  

God bless